Product & Benefit Design Solutions

Developing innovative products and benefits for health plans to achieve positive outcomes, grow
strategically, and generate cost savings.

A Critical Lever in Driving Product Performance

As the culture of managed care shifts from volume to value, a purposeful approach to design considers how various elements can be leveraged and blended to improve overall health care delivery producing higher value at a lower cost while determining:


  • Which services will be covered
  • Which providers will participate
  • Which members are eligible
  • How cost sharing will be applied
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Solutions for Building New and Evolving Existing Products and Benefits


Clearlink’s Product & Benefit Design experts help clients to facilitate needed access, cover necessary services to promote health and manage illness, align financial incentives to be more cost sensitive, and choose appropriate lower-cost, higher quality care.


Evaluating your products, population, network and utilization patterns to determine which health care services your members will be entitled to access under the plan. Covered services include Supplemental Benefit Strategy Development, Telehealth and Rx.


Encouraging enrollees to consume high-value services—those with the greatest potential to positively impact health and discourages the use of low-value services— those with benefits outweighed by cost, to increase quality and decrease spending through the efficient use of health care choices.


Creating the platform, technology, messaging, and outreach needed to support meaningful, ongoing interactions with members, producing value and generating “stickiness”.


Determining entry strategies, expansion plans, barriers, timing, resourcing, incentives, and success metrics to align product development and benefit design decisions with organizational goals.

Accelerate Your Product Benefit & Design Strategy Forward


Clearlink’s Opportunity Assessment is a no-cost evaluation of your product benefit and design operations. Our experienced leadership will thoroughly assess your programs and processes including your product development and management, supplemental benefit strategies, value-based processes, member engagement practices, and more.


Upon completion of the assessment, we will provide you with a list of targeted opportunities and estimated savings so that you can be assured of value and be confident in your selection of Clearlink Partners to optimize your Product Benefit & Design strategy!

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